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Tuesday 12th, June 2012 / 12:56

Monika Deviat

As an avid fan of death and thrash metal, Monika Deviat has worked for four years helping expose the local metal community. A few years after her introduction to heavy metal in high school – when she “picked up a guitar, and started hanging out with delinquents” – Deviat’s presence has become ubiquitous at metal shows, where she is busy snapping away.

“Photographer is the main thing,” begins Deviat, who meets up with BeatRoute in the city’s northwest over wings and beverages. Her roles don’t stop there: Deviat is also a “concert reviewer – I like to interview local metal bands that I like, and give them some international exposure – and also, [I am] an aerial acrobat who likes to perform to metal.”

First things first: Deviat has been a freelance photographer for nearly four years and her images and words have graced the likes of Pamela Porosky’s now on-hiatus Pitch Black Magazine and appear regularly on the popular website Aside from writing columns on local acts, she has interviewed such black metal luminaries as Mayhem. Deviat has also frequently donated images to BeatRoute for our “This Month in Metal” column and annually shoots the Noctis Valkyries Metal Festival. As for the aerial acrobatics, she is a pole dancer who was last seen performing at the 2011 incarnation of Miss Pole Dance Alberta, where she won the “People’s Choice” award.

“Oddly enough, a fellow physicist asked me to take a pole dancing class with her,” says Deviat on her introduction to the sport, which came in the first year of her degree in physics. She now teaches classes at PoleJunkies in the southwest and is currently learning how to perform with aerial straps. “I really liked it, I liked the challenge, I liked that it was different.”

Deviat has performed in the past at the Tribute to Women in Alberta Metal (2010) and several other shows. Currently, she is working on repairing her body after an injury, but assumes she’ll be back performing soon. As for how she got into photography, it was more or less a happy accident.

“When I graduated from my physics degree, [my parents] bought me a camera as a graduation gift,” she recalls. “I went out with some buddies and took some shots and people started actually paying me.”

You can view her images on her company Facebook page, and Deviat is available for hire on a varying rate.

You can contact Monika Deviat for her work on at Her photography is available online at, or you can e-mail her for hire at You can book her for performances at

by Sarah Kitteringham