Monday 18th, June 2012 / 14:37


“The first thing we did was buy our plane tickets, before we even knew what we were doing,” says bassist Alex Kurth. “I feel like most people would have done the opposite – you know, make sure everything is gonna work out before they go and spend $5,000 on plane tickets.”

Brain Fever, an emotive post-hardcore band from Calgary, are finalizing and preparing for their two-month tour throughout Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom. One of the most ambitious aspects contributing to this extensive tour is the fact that Brain Fever has decided to DIY throughout an entirely new country. Yup. No record labels, no booking agents and no reasonable amount of cash to make anything easier to plan.

“I don’t know anyone else who has DIY’d Europe,” says vocalist Vanessa Gloux. “The only way we got money to tour was working our asses off at shitty jobs.”

Two months ago, Brain Fever released a 7” split with Montreal band Discord of Forgotten Sketch and, in no time, have nearly completed and set to release their second full-length album on June 27. The record release show will also double as their tour kick-off date.

“I feel like the 7” was the first time we ever really wrote actual songs other than just furious blasts of noise,” says Kurth. “ We’ve kinda just ‘Devo-ed’ since then and gone back to our old ways.”

With the help of A Mountain Far label-mate Jacob Porter, Brain Fever has planned a very widespread tour. “The six week tour begins in Calgary, heads to Vancouver, back east to Toronto, on board to U.K., throughout Europe, back through east coast Canada, before they’re finally home.

“It’s nice to know fellow DIY people who are willing to help each other out,” says Kurth. “(Porter) knows where bands like us will find an audience in Europe and the U.K.”

So far, quite a few dates have been booked for Brain Fever with Scottish band Bonehouse (featuring former members of Architects) in the U.K. The Canada tour is mostly set as well, including Vancouver/Van Isle area with GSTS and Greys, Ontario with Gnats, Quebec with Creeper, and A Mountain Far Fest with Lord Snow, Mahria, and Loma Prieta.

“Tour – it’s just the best time. You get to meet amazing people, have amazing experiences, and travel to see different cities and what it’s like,” says Kurth.

“We chose Europe because it seemed like the logical progression after already conquering Canada last year,” says drummer Noah Rabinovitch.

After over three years as a band, Brain Fever has faced many different trials, the most difficult being the lack of communication, motivation and being overwhelmed with taking on too many projects. The most significant thing about the members in Brain Fever is that they are not only just the members of that band. Each member has anywhere from three to seven other bands with which they are involved, as well, and, all members are part of Pint Sized Collective, a local record label/show promotion company for various kinds of music within the all ages scene in Calgary.

Though the tour is a month away and still not entirely planned, Brain Fever has confidence in the all ages scenes throughout Europe, house shows, strange venues and, of course, each other. The sporadic nature of their plan for tour makes it difficult to plan, but not impossible.

“If worse comes to worst and all else fails, at least we have a three-week vacation in Europe,” says Gloux.

Brain Fever will be releasing La Luna on June 27 at Broken City for for their tour kickoff.

by Sara Mohan