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Wednesday 18th, July 2012 / 19:14


Alright ladies and gentlemen, we have a virgin in our midst. A band based out of Seattle, comprised of six “vinyl nerds,” Galen Disston (vocals), Michael Parker(guitar), Garrett Parker (bass), Cassady Lillstrom (keys), and Kory Kruckenberg

(vibraphone, percussion) is coming to play Vancouver for the very first time and I got a chance to talk to Michael Parker, about how a band you may not have heard of, just played SXSW and the main stage at Sasquatch.

When you first listen to Pickwick, one cannot help but become imbibed on the soulful tones, heavy bass riffs, and raw energy that such a collaborative group can so easily exude. When I asked Parker to describe how their sound came about, he assured me that no intentional direction is forced upon their musicality, it is just the end product of “people with very eclectic tastes playing together.“

Pickwick has been together as a band for the last four years but only in the past year and a half have they been producing the sound that has helped to bring them to this current level of notoriety.

“In the beginning,” Parker explains, “we realized we didn’t hear a lot of ‘us’ in the music.”

Thus, the band scrapped its previous folk influence and started fresh with a renewed focus on “individual strengths in a collective environment.”

Their songwriting process also deeply reflects this philosophy, with four of the six members living together, allowing for songs like “Hacienda Motel,” and infectious percussion romp, “Window Sil.”

Pickwick has self-released all of their songs through a 7” collection of vinyls entitled Myths, and are currently in the process of finishing their first full-length record.

Using the release of each vinyl “as a mini record release party,” along with support from local radio station KEXP, allowed the band to play sold-out shows in just a couple months.

This sounds startling, but when you watch Pickwick perform their grassroots brand of gospel rock, you’ll quickly become a convert.

Pickwick plays the Rickshaw Theater July 27.

CONTEST: BeatRoute BC is giving you a chance to win two tickets to check out Seattle indie rockers PICKWICK at the Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver on Friday July 27. Email for your chance to win.

By Vanessa Panton





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