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Japanese Breakfast Is Killing It Softly

Japanese Breakfast Is Killing It Softly

By Mathew Wilkins VANCOUVER – Two months following the release of an enormously strong sophomore album Soft Sounds From Another…

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Saturday 01st, September 2012 / 19:47


The Swedish trio, Niki & the Dove, have released various infectious electro pop singles over the past year and a half, they all finally make their way on to this debut album, Instinct, accompanied by some new tracks, as well. This is certainly pop done right, at times reminiscent of the contagious melodies and synth pop of Robyn, reflecting the cadence and rhythmic beats of The Knife, or the vocals of an early Stevie Nicks. Continuing the recent surge of music drenched in ’80s nostalgia that the movie Drive helped solidify with its still-popular soundtrack, and this summer’s hit found in Twin Shadow’s Confess, Niki & the Dove keep the hot streak alive when it comes to this ’80s resurgence with this powerful record.

You really see them at their strongest when their music is spinning into a dizzying whirlwind while careening vocals soar overhead, like on album jump starter, “Tomorrow.” Other standouts include “The Fox,” with its curious forward chugging motion, as well as “The Drummer,” featuring a jolty, yet simultaneously danceable beat. If you’ve been following Niki & the Dove since their formation in 2010, you may have already heard quite a bit of what this album has to offer, but it’s great to finally hear it all come together on Instinct.

By Jarett Sitter


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