A fire can get lit inside you; Warren Spicer’s fire has been building in his belly since his band, Plants and Animals released since 2008′s Parc Avenue. This year’s The End of That let Plants and Animals free the beast that had been building up — that beast being Spicer’s voice. You can hear him digging to depth of his belly getting that voice out to the listener. It wasn’t like he hit puberty and had this voice change. It was gradual process, from Parc Avenue to The End of That, drummer Matthew ‘Woody’ Woodley explains over the phone.

Woodley and Spicer grew up together in Halifax, bonding over music. The two headed to Concordia University in Montreal where they met Nicolas Basque (guitar/bass/keys). “We all instantly clicked. You don’t need a scientific chart to explain it. We work like a triangle: take one of the sides off and it would fall apart.” Woodley means it. The three of them have known each other so long that it wouldn’t work with anyone else. The more they get to play live the better it gets. “The songs all sound better and better. We are getting more inside each song.”

He isn’t just talking about the new songs. He is talking about all three albums, too. “Sometimes we you play things for so long they get stuffy and repetitive, (but) this isn’t the case. Every time we play them it feels like we are discovery something new.” It’s a perfect way to breakdown the growth of the band, we all get better with age, even wines or scotches are aged to perfection, and so is music. Plants and Animals have made an enjoyable album from start to finish. It will be fantastic to get to see them perform these songs live, just like they were intended to be heard. “Parc Avenue was childhood, La La Land would be adolescence — we thought we were wiser then we actually were — and The End of That would be the 20s,” Woodley explains.

“Sitting in the sun blowing shit and talking shit with no reason,” the opening line of “Song for Love,” could easily be mistaken as a long-lost Lou Reed song. The End of That has a resemblance of a plugged in Bob Dylan.

“We all love those artists and they are huge influences to us, so it makes sense you can hear it in some of the song,” Woodley confirms.

Since the release of The End of That, Plants and Animals have been continuously touring the States, Europe and Canada. They are setting out to tour across Canada at the start of the November and will be playing The Legion here in town. “The last two times we have been in Calgary we haven’t played the Legion. I am excited to go back: we played our best show in Calgary a couple years back.”

Catch Plants and Animals at the #1 Legion on November 3.

By Danni Bauer

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