If you are from the West Coast or have at least dipped into the hip-hop scene that exists in Vancouver, you’ve no doubt heard the name Boombox Saints. The group, made up of singer Adlib, lyricists Huggy and Freeky P and the always-necessary beat coordinator DJ Relik helping the process, dropped their debut album, For The Moment, on October 23.

Coming from Filipino backgrounds, there is a definite bridge heard in their music between the two cultures these guys have grown up with.

“Music is an important part of our culture; we were brought up in music so we will always be involved with music,” says Huggy.

An album described by Freeky P as a “post-modern, modern epic love tale of our collective lives tracked by a nostalgic soundscape, detailing the joys and falls of relationships in the never ending chase for happiness.” Really if you listen to the 14 tracks of their lives, the hope is that you will be changed, or at least have a better grasp of what they’re all about. Packed full of stylized rhymes and perfect party beats, For The Moment is an album worth your time.

With this debut comes a mixture of emotions for the dedicated guys of Boombox, feelings of relief and being blessed were two main points they brought up regarding the release and on the flip slide these style conscience men have preparations for after the release down to the ‘tee’.

Adlib tells us what the album promotion looks like, “gearing up for touring and getting ready to release 10 videos off the album.” And in order to fully prepare Huggy gives the low down, “online shopping that is kicked into third gear in order to stay fresh for the videos we’re filming.”

Style is something that is something the guys are definitely up on and if you didn’t grasp it from the music, the videos and overall aesthetics of Boombox Saints show just how crisp they are. Hell, even the sneakers on the album cover give the impression of an effortless showcase of style, representing For The Moment as being “as outside the box as a fresh pair of J’s.”

As a hip hop act they have the bases covered on those four elements, Freeky P on the b-boy spin, Huggy deep in the paint and clean lines of can control, DJ Relik on the decks, Adlib with the vocal melodies and their collective ability to spit rhythm make for a good way to start up for success. Always making sure to keep in mind that when it comes to their music, evolution within the scene is important.

Boombox Saints are evolving as hip-hop artists and have delivered a great album to dance to and have a good time with. It’s safe to say that this is a group and album influenced by a thing of beauty “Woman!!!” Boombox, don’t stop.

Boombox Saints released For The Moment on October 23. Download a copy for free from their website

By Jamie Goyman

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