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Monday 17th, December 2012 / 00:01

Robot Workers -Keith SkrastinsREADY TO BE LOVED BY EVERYONE

Calgary band Robot Workers know how to have fun and they love to show it. Over a few beers at Sam’s in Kensington, the band opened up about their recording process, their upcoming CD and much more. It was obvious after the first beer why the band is so beloved: friendly and outgoing, each of them is charming and a little weird (in the best way possible), and each of their personalities comes out in their playing.

Which, according to drummer Adam Mudry, happens over a good jam session.

“These three fellas used to live in a house that we could dedicate as a jam house… it’s a hole in the ground now,” says guitar player and vocalist Chris McGeachy, who laughingly adds, “We wrote a song about it, but it’s not on the CD.”

Aside from their jamming, the band has been playing a lot through the city, both to fund their upcoming CD and because it’s fun, though the band may jokingly tell you it’s because playing shows is cheaper than renting jam space.

Their fast-approaching album release has been anticipated for some time now, especially with how often the band has been playing around the city. Their tenacity with shows should pay with their CD release, for which they will be picking up new merch.

The CD itself is expected to have 10 songs, seven of which were recorded in their old jam house.

“We like people dancing, and we’re lucky to have a lot of really good friends who come out to shows, and people who maybe don’t have a great opinion of us, but we don’t want it to get any lower,” McGeachy says, laughing.

Between playing so many shows and working on their upcoming album, it’s a wonder that Robot Workers have time for much of anything else. It doesn’t seem like they’d want the extra time, though, since all the band members seem to be completely in love with their project and playing together. They haven’t really experienced much of an effect from the constant playing aside from tighter sets, and maybe a better chance at catching some attention.

“The rule of thumb is if you really want to make any money, you know, in the city, you need to have three sets, essentially. Three to four sets,” says McGeachy, “So that’s our goal, I guess. We need to maybe learn some covers or something!”

Clearly a joke, as the band is pretty good about not writing songs they don’t genuinely enjoy. If they find they don’t particularly like practicing a song, it’s likely it won’t develop any further, and the band moves on to more productive things.

“If someone happens to hear it, and they’re like, ‘Oh, why don’t you play that song?’ I’m like, ‘…because I don’t like it,'” says Mudry.

To support their new album, Robot Workers is planning a small tour through western Canada, including the coast, and blame their day jobs for the shortness of the adventure.

“I plan on leaving my house!” laughs singer and bassist Dustin Wahlund.

“We’d obviously like to go on tour, but we’re all working schlubs,” says McGeachy.

Still, their infectiousness can’t be denied. With a new album ready to send out to the world, Robot Workers are working towards being able to let go of their day jobs and still be able to keep all their parts in working order.

Robot Workers will release their upcoming album on December 21 at Lord Nelson’s.

By Erin A. Burke
Photo: Keith Skrastins





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