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Monday 24th, December 2012 / 00:00


A RNR banger with Vancouver heavyweights, SprëadEagle and they are back for a one-time New Years Eve party at The Rickshaw!

“It’s the end of the world and beginning of a new one according to the Mayans, so bring it,” exclaims Nothing Is Heavy organizer, Chris Dyck, who booked the show along with No Sinner, Black Wizard, Three Wolf Moon, and If We Are Machines.

“Total fuckin’ bro show!” he adds, “so three drummers, Thin Lizzy, maybe Slayer and maybe some Turbonegro, sound cool?”

It just made sense to do this one-off show right now. “All of the members’ current bands are home, no tours and we are all really good friends still,” says Dyck. “We have had a ton of jams already and it’s sounding pretty fucking heavy.”

With Chris Dyck, Matt Dyck, Kenny Cook, Aaron “Boon” Gustafson, Telford Germyn, Jason Dana, Mario Nieva and Eugene “Russia” Parkomenko, in the band, just the original bassist, would be away. “Boon’s got this though, all good,” laughs Dyck. “Our first drummer, Oke Chornick, she may play a tune or two.”

Band members have gone on to form and play in: Bend Sinister, Anciients, Black Wizard, the Hookers, Random Dander, Duffy and the Doubters, Men at Adventure, Mystery Machine and Darkest of the Hillside Thickets.

SprëadEagle spanned a great period of about nine years between Vancouver’s heyday of garage, punk ‘n’ roll and some really great loud party rock.

“Yeah it was a killer time, I think we lasted because we kicked ass live and were heavy enough to play with some metal bands and rockin’ enough to play with garage rock bands and fit into the punk scenes also,” recalls Dyck. “Spitfires were our fave of that era for sure and loved playing with them.”

There were choice stage moments for SprëadEagle. “Playing with Nashville Pussy was a highlight back in the day, so was our first shows ever with the Misfits and I think our very first show was with Speedealer at the Starfish Room,” recalls Dyck. This band has managed to stay together for such a long time. The whole point was to have fun. “Not too much thinking and crushing volume!” he adds.

With the Marshalls, Ampeg and Soldano fired up, this plans to go late into the A.M. “We will most likely go on around 12:30-ish for like at least an hour and then we party!” says Dyck. “This is the cheapest and most gnarly New Year party in town, if you are a rocker or a metaller, this is all you brah!”

Bring on 2013 with SprëadEagle, No Sinner, Black Wizard, Three Wolf Moon, and If We Are Machines at The Rickshaw Theatre December 31.

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