Wednesday 02nd, January 2013 / 15:16

Front Row Centre Players @ Pumphouse
January 11-26

Adapted from Monty Python and the Holy Grail by the comedy troupe’s own Eric Idle, Spamalot is a surreal, slightly insane and wholly irreverent musical take on the legend of King Arthur. Utilizing parody of musical theatre tropes in combination with all of the best elements of the film, Spamalot has received widespread acclaim since its initial run in 2005. As Patsy reminds Arthur to “always look on the bright side of life” in his quest for a shrubbery and the Lancelot is outed as a homosexual with a lively disco number, Monty Python fans can celebrate a relatively new spin on an old favourite.

The Diary of Anne Frank
Morpheus Theatre @ Pumphouse
January 11-26

This stage adaptation of The Diary of a Young Girl is a dramatic interpretation of Anne Frank’s account of the time spent with her family and others hiding from the Nazis. Before ultimately dying in 1945 of typhus in a concentration camp, Anne, along with her parents, sister, and another family referred to in the play as the van Daans, spent just over two years hiding in an attic during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. Alternating between haunting and heartwarming, The Diary of Anne Frank re-imagines the plight of a brave, intelligent little girl in her struggle for survival in the face of persecution.

Maria Rasputin Presents
Forte Musical Theatre Guild
January 29-February 9

Grigori Rasputin was a Russian mystic in the employ of Tsar Nicholas II who achieved notoriety for, depending on whom you ask, either his skill as a healer and prophet, or for being a religious charlatan. After being poisoned, shot several times, beaten, and finally drowned in what has become a legendary assassination, Rasputin left behind a daughter, Maria. Maria Rasputin Presents is her story. Nearing the end of her life, Maria is set to put on one last performance in an effort to set the story straight about her infamous father. Will she succeed, or will the voice of her father’s assassin conquer?

By Brianna Turner