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Whether inviting a hundred show-goers onstage during a live performance, or mixing pedal steel, trombone, and piano with shifting time signatures and punk guitar chords into an addictive pop melody, Vancouver-based trio beekeeper (with a lower-case “b”), likes to keep things ambitious.

“We’re going to cube ourselves and become a nine-piece. Three drummers, three girl bass players, and three obnoxious morons playing the guitar,” jokes Devon Lougheed, frontman and guitarist (the “obnoxious moron” title is questionable). With a new EP, Shout At People, a slew of upcoming shows across western Canada, and plans to produce “one of the craziest records ever made,” by the end of this year, an average band could use the extra bodies.

But beekeeper is anything but average.

The “girl bass player” is Brandi Sidoryk, a classically trained opera singer who drummer Luke Cyca met during the Vancouver Winter Olympics. He started playing for her indie avant-pop project, Sidney York, and when beekeeper needed someone on bass, Sidoryk quickly expressed interest.

“We thought Brandi was out of our league,” explains Cyca, “although she played on three songs from the first record, we actually didn’t have the courage to ask her to be in our band.” Lougheed adds, “She was our dream girl!”

With Sidoryk bringing the missing piece to this high-energy math rock puzzle, beekeeper possesses the instrumental agility to reconcile two seemingly incompatible extremes: accessibility and depth.

“We want the content to be chaotic, but the form to be immaculate,” says Cyca, “The song writing has all the craziness, but we want to play it as perfectly as we can.”

Lougheed adds, “We’re trying to do the impossible — and also shout and make things up onstage.”

Sing-able, shout-able, deliriously chaotic and yet delicately concise, Shout At People charms their impossible pursuit into danceable submission. The fruits of ambition are indeed tasty.

beekeeper releases Shout at People at the Biltmore on February 9.

By Sarah Bauer



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