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The cosmic matchmaking that paired up Peter Ricq and his girlfriend Yuki Holland was the same musical chemistry that led to the brand new tropical-synth-pop duo Ladyfrnd. Ricq, who might be better known from Humans or Gang Signs, is the multitasking songwriter and producer, while Holland leads the vocals.

It all started off like most good things in life: an unexpected drunk jam session, where Yuki caught Peter’s attention. Using the benefits of modern creeping technology (Facebook) he was able to track her down, as well as some YouTube videos she had recorded of herself singing indie covers and playing the ukulele. After seeking approval from Robbie from Humans and his mom, Riqc had decided, “It was a no brainer: I had to convince her to make music with me.”

After some convincing to sing out loud in front of anyone at all, Yuki and Peter have come a long way to be playing live shows and making recordings. “I didn’t even know where it was going. It was kind of scary,” admits Yuki. “My friends and family were like ‘what’s this secret EP?’ Peter had the vision.”

In addition to music, in summer 2012, the couple also took photography classes. Combined with Ricq’s fine art talent, they are leading the artistic direction of the project and making some music videos this month.

It’s been a year since they started recording together, six months since the EP release, and in the spring we can expect a full length from Ladyfrnd, with some music videos in the meantime. Furthermore, Ricq is flying to Calgary to open his art show this month, as well as playing in two other bands. It’s a good thing he’s is a workaholic, because this duo has huge potential for the local arts scene.

Ladyfrnd is performing on February 14 at the Anza Club.

By Jessica Brodeur



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