Monday 04th, February 2013 / 17:27

Places Please - GaslightGaslight
Vertigo Theatre
Jan 31 — Feb 24

Patrick Hamilton’s 1938 play looks at the lives of Jack and Bella Manningham, a married couple living in 1880 London. Mrs. Manningham has become psychologically addled at the hands of her manipulative and conniving husband, who is contriving to convince her of her own insanity — a method of psychological abuse now referred to as gaslighting. The appearance of a police detective soon helps her acknowledge her husband as her tormenter and the two pair up to take down Manningham.

Stage West
Feb 7 — April 17

Touted as the “game show you play,” Gameshow is an inventive blend of theatre and interactive game. With attendees acting as the classic live TV audience found on all of the game shows you love, viewers are pulled up to play a trivia game (prizes included) while the cast runs on a script. Complete with “commercial breaks” where the audience catches the backstage antics of the cast and crew, Gameshow is an innovative take on the live theatre experience.

Downstage and Hit & Myth
Feb 20 — Mar 2

Two strange stories connect in this award-winning work by Arun Lakra. A professor whose life work has been seeking the source of the disease that has made her legally blind receives a visit from an unlucky student, while an author who has made a career of successful Super Bowl coin toss predictions is confronted by a pregnant woman pursuing a little luck of her own. As these lives find themselves intertwining, the audience finds themselves questioning the nature of science, faith, and luck.

The Book of Jobes
Fire Exit Theatre
Feb 27 — Mar 3

Dr. Heidi Janz, professor and playwright, was attacked in her home and stabbed three times five years ago by one Kenneth MacWatt, which very nearly killed her. What would be a harrowing experience for anyone and a horrific crime by all standards is made all the more shocking by the fact that Janz is a quadriplegic who suffers from cerebral palsy and has very little verbal capability. The Book of Jobes is her story. Telling the story of Rachel Jobes, a disabled scholar who finds herself surviving a vicious attack, The Book of Jobes addresses the questions of why bad things happen to good people and how suffering works to shape us.

By Brianna Turner