Wednesday 13th, February 2013 / 09:50


Sinners rejoice!

The drunken revelry of The Mahones has returned! This time, The Gateway had the honour of hosting these Ontario rock legends along with two of Calgary’s own, Grandola and The Martyr Index. This line-up was guaranteed to offer all in attendance a feverish good time on this crisp, cool Friday night.

Grandola kicked off the night in perfect form. Playing hits for which the eager crowd was longing, they quickly had most of them swaying and singing along. They definitely set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Next up was the newly-reunited The Martyr Index. After a few line-up changes, these guys proved they were not to be messed with. Better and louder than ever, the heart pounding drums and raging vocals rang through The Gateway, catching everyone’s attention.

IMG_0405When The Mahones finally graced the stage, they were one man down. Banjo and mandolin player Sean Winter was M.I.A. But the remaining members of The Mahones gritted their teeth and played a show like no other. Bursting out on stage, they needed no introduction; there was no lack of energy, either, for these punk veterans! Finny McConnell owned the stage and the audience, like any talented front man should, showing no sign of slowing down, and stopping only for chugs of Jameson whiskey, which he graciously shared with thirsty fans. Katie Kaboom made the accordion look both badass and sexy as hell! The latter being quite easy for her, I’m sure. They raced through the set playing old classics, new favorites and involving their fans in every song and embracing them with every riff.

The Mahones took this show past the pint of no return and we can’t wait until they come back to do it all over again! Because, really, is there any better way to keep warm in Calgary, than drinking whiskey with The Mahones?

I didn’t think so.

Review and photos by Sarah McIntosh