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A Mighty New Force In Hip-Hop: Haviah Mighty Raps To Empower

A Mighty New Force In Hip-Hop: Haviah Mighty Raps To Empower

By Courtney Heffernan After a fiery performance at the NXNE festival stage in downtown Toronto, Haviah Mighty is still in…


Tuesday 19th, February 2013 / 16:31


Marilyn Manson

Queen Elizabeth Theatre – February 11, 2013

If you weren’t eluded by the swarms of Beautiful People cloaked in trench coats, corsets and black lipstick, Marilyn Manson delivered an early Valentine to Vancouver on Feb. 11. My anticipation was high as I approached the Queen Elizabeth Theatre because, like many of you, I’ve been a long time fan of the shock rocker.

The show opened with Butcher Babies, a female fronted five-piece band from Los Angeles. Frontwomen Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey are former Playboy TV personalities who have branched out into playing what they refer to as “slut metal.” They growled and head banged while hopping on and off two small podiums, which was apparently a more relaxed setup compared to their usual stage horror antics. As sociable and dedicated as they were, I was bored.

After a 30-minute intermission, a black curtain covered the stage and a bright white light exposed Manson’s silhouette as he began the set with “Hey Cruel World.” Bursts of white and red lights flickered and smoke filled the cross adorned stage. The audience roared with excitement and people quickly piled into the mosh pit.


Overall, Manson and his band played a great variety of songs, including both singles off of his latest album, Born Villain. The performance was, to say the least, interesting and incredibly entertaining. Between Manson humping monitors and fist pumping (not in that Jersey Shore type of way), his numerous costume changes, and the political and religious statements (his Pope costume came with impeccable timing), Manson’s stage presence was undeniable.


Will people talk about this concert for months to come? Yes.

Did the relatively short set, nonexistent encore and his abrupt departure from the stage leave me wanting more? Yes.

If Marilyn Manson is the Antichrist and this is what hell is like, I’m definitelyinterested in going.

Stephanie Gerich

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