Monday 25th, February 2013 / 14:34


Xposure 2012 winners, Rockets and Dinosaurs, are back with the release of their full-length album, Gnarly Angry Love. Right off the bat, fans will notice that the album name suits its content. Right from the get-go, lead singer Jordan Potekal’s lyrics are centred on the idea of love – good and bad alike. Not that there’s a lack of the more physical type of love in the mix – far from it. The lyrics range from anger and frustration to some, ahem, explicit details about how tightly their pants are fitting.

The last 12 months have been interesting for the band, to say the least. From entering contests, to an almost entirely new lineup, to their upcoming CD release, they’ve had their share of ups, downs, and all-arounds, and it’s reflected in the music they’re producing now. Though they haven’t lost their signature upbeat style, it’s developed a darker edge. Gnarly Angry Love is, for the most part, about girls and breakups, but it has a surprising maturity in its delivery this time around.

“The new line up is great. We’ve been through a lot of members and I’ve loved them all and miss playing with them every day. But Nigel (Porahn, drums), Wil (Moralda, guitar/vocals), Rory (Redwood, bass/vocals) and I ARE Rockets and Dinosaurs. This band has come together tighter then ever before,” writes Potekal in an email interview last month.

“Our hope is that this music actually means something to at least a few people. There’s a lot of shit for people to connect with on this album. The songs are the saddest, happiest and angriest songs we’ve ever written.”

_30A4104Fans will notice is that Rockets and Dinosaurs have moved away from the pop-based side of their pop punk style, throwing in quite a bit more punk than was the norm for the band a year ago, with an excellent result: the album shows that they’ve grown a lot as musicians and song writers, compared to what they’ve previously released. There’s a good peppering of vocals that are screamed, rather than sung, which naturally results in a more aggressive sound overall for the album, but without overdoing it.

RAD may have worked hard to have come so far since they started out, but they know that a lot of it has to do with luck, too, and they agree that winning XPosure last year was instrumental in the structure of this release.

“A lot of bands deserved to have the prize money as much as we did, if not more,” he says and adds a cheeky, “(cough, cough, Jenny/Deluge),” before continuing. “We were able to take our time, slow down and really put some emotion into the music instead of working in overdrive trying to fire out 11 songs in a weekend.“

Since then, band has worked hard to get to where they are, though it hasn’t been all fun and games. Aside from adapting to a new lineup, their new full-length took everything they had to offer.

“The worst part? Spending hours upon hours screaming until your eye pops out of your head… then realizing a day later you don’t like it and have to redo it. Stuff like that. It’s all worth it, though.”

Rockets and Dinosaurs will be releasing this album at their CD release show on March 2 at the Den.

By Erin A. Burke
Photos: Paige Woodbury