Tuesday 05th, March 2013 / 15:50


It seems like the Calgary scene is getting an early jump on the season of renewal: March is absolutely packed with local bands, young and old alike, getting ready to release albums. From guitar noise meditations to punk to thrash ‘n’ roll, there should be something for every corner of the rock and roll spectrum.

Bitter Fictions
Shake Box Music

Bitter Fictions is the nom de plume of record store defender and general walking encyclopedia for the obscure, Devin Friesen. He’s been tenderly crafting these solo meditations on the guitar for countless months, now, placing a heavy emphasis on sound narratives that traverse through a litany of ’90s improvisational gems, distorting noise and indie tropes through a jagged array of effects pedals and enveloping feedback. The self-titled album is being pressed onto warm 12″ vinyl and comes with lush, distorted and disconcerting artwork, as if there was nothing natural about nature at all.

Bitter Fictions will release his self-titled 12″ on Sunday, March 24 at Local 510.

Martyr Index
Songs in the Key of Strife
Meter Records

The Martyr Index are back, after a two-year hiatus, and their upcoming full-length, Songs in the Key of Strife, sees the pinko punks as fiercely vitriolic as ever. Their traditional quasi-anarchist undertones have been forged and honed to perhaps their finest edge ever and the album’s nine songs whip past like a razor blade across your face. The Martyr Index are relentless on Songs in the Key of Strife, giving no quarter and hedging no bets. In ideological warfare, there are tactics and there are strategies: you can be guaranteed that the Martyr Index are a terrifying tactical force with their cross-hairs locked on the stillborn heart of, in their words, “unrepentant frontier capitalism.” Fat cats and greedy aristocrats, never send to know for whom the boots stomp; they stomp for thee.

The Martyr Index will release Songs in the Key of Strife on March 15 at Dickens Pub.

self-titled EP

Lace up your shit-kicking boots, Calgary’s finest booze hounds are set to unleash their debut EP later this month at the Palomino. Daywalker have been hard at work since December preparing their four-track debut and it promises to be a killer night of brazen, unabashed rock and roll. A lot of the indie world may have traded in their death wishes for higher pursuits, but this group of four dirtbags remain steadfast on their path towards sex, drugs and rock and roll. Daywalker is the sound of thunder galloping down from the mountains, trident in hand and fists ablaze, raised high in the cool night air. Grow a beard, goddammit, and drink nothing but whiskey in the week leading up to this: you may not survive, but at least you’ll go out in style.

Daywalker are set to release their debut EP at the Palomino on March 28.

By Sebastian Buzzalino