Tuesday 05th, March 2013 / 16:05


The Calgary sweethearts that play in Deluge really love making music. The band has existed in some form since Dave (guitar, vocals) and Anthony (drums) were in high school, but the current lineup featuring Kurt (bass) and Mitch (guitar) came together just two years ago. The band’s performances and off-stage demeanour have earned them a local following and their open adoration for Calgary’s music scene has earned them some important friends. It is more common to hear the members talking about other Calgary bands than it is to hear them discuss their own music and Deluge is placing a strong emphasis on playing all ages shows, helping young bands organize their first shows, and making sure that all ages venues, like the New Black, are well known and properly supported. Despite the band members’ mutually self-deprecating senses of humour, they work hard at what they do and it shows.

Deluge placed in the top ten in last year’s Xposure contest, which earned them a prominent spot on X92.9’s rotation. Anthony describes the near-victory as being “basically like winning, but without all the money.” Dave considers it “a tool to get where we really want to go, which is definitely crime fighting.” All four members share an interest in comic books, which informs their lyrics but manifests most strongly in their promotional materials: to promote their new EP and its March 8th release show, the band put together a satirical tribute to the Power Rangers in which Dave, Mitch and Kurt have to save an apartment building from Anthony, who is dressed as a mummy. In typical Deluge fashion, Mitch pays a quick tribute to other Calgary bands before the mighty morphin’ madness begins.

A DIY aesthetic pervades almost every element of Deluge’s output. Followers of the band may remember the detailed monster masks that Kurt made to support their last EP, The Nether, which came out last March. Now, they are getting ready to release The Quiet Things, an eight-song EP over which Deluge has laboured for the last year. The Quiet Things was recorded with local producer Casey Lewis, for whom all of the members express a deep admiration, and the band has put a lot of effort into writing and recording the new songs. There is a strong lyrical emphasis on the new album’s concept and the new songs centre around the miracle of quiet individuality.

“It’s basically about the things you have in life that you never bother to tell anyone else about,” explains Dave, “but they inform every decision you make. I thought that was really cool: there are these people with these major inner struggles that completely define them, but we never see that on the surface.”

Storytelling is important to all of the band members and Deluge as a whole is extremely critical of everything they release. The band’s obsession with creating worthwhile products stems as much from their love of stories as it does from their humble gratitude to the fans. Given the busy months ahead, Deluge will soon have many more stories to tell. Deluge is currently planning their first tour; a short jaunt through Alberta and BC this May. The tour centres around an opening spot at The Handsome Distraction’s CD release in Victoria and will give Deluge a chance to bring their well-rehearsed stage show and legitimately entertaining banter to new locales.

Catch Deluge at the release show for their latest EP, The Quiet Things, at Dickens Pub (Calgary) on March 8.

Story and photo by John Julius