Monday 11th, March 2013 / 21:36

cloudfaceRiding high on the wave of a local techno rebirth dreamed up of visionaries like Prisongarde, Max Ulis, Loscil, Babe Rainbow, the Passenger, self-proclaimed hardware scientist Dave Reynolds a.k.a. Cloudface has tapped into the Mood Hut for a proper techno platter. Anchored in the icy waters of cold-wave synth, the 12-inch, Mood Hut’s first-release, “rises and drops at obtuse and near-ancient angles, much like a star map floating on a liquid surface, mixing, deep and fuchsia, gold and light.”

Although shying away from gear-head fetishism, Reynolds has clearly amassed an impressive collection of noisemakers. When asked about his favourite, he said his “favourite ones are the ones that are unexpected (and cheap!). I bought a Soundmaster drum machine for $40 in a thrift store recently. Once I bought a space echo and a 303 from this really old English man who had a combination barbershop/cluttered studio filled with old gear tucked away in his basement.”

Perhaps appropriate for a man affectionately referred to by friends as English Dave. Indeed there is something English sounding about Cloudface, also surrounded by a dreary grey sea there is definitely an early London techno vibe to the album, but there is also something very Vancouver about it too. When asked about his source of inspiration, Reynolds confirmed: “Vancouver has a lot of really talented people making music right now. It definitely feels like people are excited. It’s super amazing when your friends are able be your main source of inspiration.”

But it’s clear the rainy skies above the Burrard Inlet have permeated this release. A brilliant, bright grey opalescence illuminates Side A, while Side B wanders through Chinatown at 2 a.m., chasing dragons lit up by red lights.

By Sean Orr



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