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SpaceGhostPurrp is like a detective’s wet dream, an oracle of aggression and symbolism, while somehow conglomerating hip-hop and heavy metal. Based out of Miami, SpaceGhostPurrp, a.k.a. Markese Rolle, has been running the underground rap game for quite some time with his troupes, the RVIDXR KLVN (Raider Klan). Floating amidst a world of rap, SpaceGhostPurrp is there leaning on it all in a purple haze. Much like his habits, his music is like the heightening of any substance, coating your mind with hypnotic waves of sinister synths and leaving you somewhat unsettled. Leaving the world a wake of intoxicating mixtapes, SpaceGhostPurrp is making his mark in hip- hop history. BeatRoute got this oddball on the phone for an interview to talk about Be Be Kids, voodoo, and porn.

SpaceGhostPurrp, the “Black God”, blazes the trail for an underground network of “black hearted” rappers called the RVIDXR KLVN.

“Raider Klan started a couple years ago,” SpaceGhostPurrp tells BeatRoute. “It’s just about being aggressive, and about being a rebel in my generation. It’s about being different. Raider is a thing that we all have connectivity within our generation. You don’t have to be in Raider Klan to be a Raider. The things I do inspire the generation in me. That’s what it’s about.”

Taking on dark ominous attire is not only SpaceGhostPurrp’s fashion swag but also an inner disposition.

“Me and Raider Klan wear black because it represents the heart, the past. It’s mental darkness. Our stage in life is just everything black. Black brings mystery and clarity. I don’t know anybody, no one really knows me. “

Hailing from Miami, SpaceGhostPurrp calls Florida the “Blackland” because of the corruption of evil and the spirits that lurk there. It’s even cloaked in voodoo.

“All that crazy voodoo shit happens down there in the hoods in Florida. That voodoo shit doesn’t happen to me because I keep to myself. I don’t fuck with people who are all up in that shit. You can feel the evil spirits there though.”

Symbols were used before words in Ancient Egypt. These hieroglyphics were the basic form of human communication and SpaceGhostPurrp seems to be reverting back to the origins of human interaction by using them. Though like the enigma that he is, SpaceGhostPurrp will never tell you that.

“I made those hieroglyphics up. Back in the day I used to tag that shit in the neighborhood and leave the mystery at parties and shit. Nobody ain’t ever going to figure it out. The game ain’t ever gonna get it.”

Hieroglyphics and voodoo aren’t the only mystical ventures Space- GhostPurrp takes on. He also dabbles in Egyptian mythology naming a song after Osiris, the Egyptian god of the afterlife, the underworld and the dead. SpaceGhostPurrp unpacked the true meaning of his song “Osiris of the East” for BeatRoute. “It really means the East Coast. Osiris means like out there, underground music shit, underground change. Osiris was the lord of the underworld. Nobody respected my sound but I became my own god within music coming through with this rare sound.”

SpaceGhostPurrp is one of the many youthful artists popping up today, though he considers himself to be somewhat of an old geezer. “I’m about forty per cent a kid, and the other sixty per cent an old man.” He also plays with those little turds people call children, informing BeatRoute about some badass kids riding four-wheelers in his “No Trouble” music video. Who are they, you ask? “Yeah those badasses are Be Be Kids. Google dat shit.” Seriously just do it.

Speaking of genetics, SpaceGhostPurrp isn’t the only rapper in the family; his ENTIRE famjam raps. Naturally they need to make a song together.

“I wish my whole family collaborated on a song, that shit would be crazy if we did.”

SpaceGhostPurrp has set the stage, signing to the label 4AD, and making waves in the underground rap scene with his kinky love for the unorthodox. Oh yeah and he might also have an unleaked porno out there. “Unless someone leaks that shit there isn’t a porno, not yet. If someone does leak one it’s going to be gruesome though.”

One can only dream…

Check out SpaceGhostPurrp at Fortune Sound Club April 9 to get in on the action.

By Nicola Storey