Monday 22nd, April 2013 / 11:33

Acres of Lions-mMORE ROCK, LESS POP

Acres of Lions’ guitarist and keyboardist Tyson Yerex is likely the most talkative musician you’ll ever meet — friendly and full of conversation sure to earn laughs over a pitcher of beer.

A variety of topics arise over the course of an hour-long phone call: touring with bands versus a career of computer programming, Amanda Palmer, Yamaha grand pianos, and his band’s future appearance on MTV’s Losing It. “It’s a show where you discuss losing your virginity. Our bassist Dan [Ball] is like a character out of a comic book, so [his story on the show] is going to be priceless,” he chuckles.

With renewed eagerness from Yerex, our discussion quickly turns to Acres of Lions’ latest project, Home(s). Deciding to minimize computerized production and opt for live instruments, the album is more rock, less pop and accurately translates to their sound in concert. “Home(s) is not only about the different homes we created while touring, but also about missing home and everyone there – girlfriends, friends, and family,” Yerex says.

“Bright Lights” is an upbeat rock anthem reminiscent of the first New Years spent out as a teenager chasing the opposite sex. Slower acoustic tracks and ballads like “Prairie Fire” keep Home(s) well-paced. “‘Prairie Fire’ has Adaline singing on it,” Yerex says. “The song is a bit more Said the Whale indie-rock quirky [than others on the album] — an xylophone-like glockenspiel plays in the background of it, too. It’s pretty cute.”

The Victoria-based band has a busy summer ahead: they’re touring with Kingsfoil (the band that adopted Frankie Muniz as their drummer) and are potentially heading overseas to play more shows in the United Kingdom and Japan in the father-off future. “Even if these experiences ended tomorrow, I would still have so much to look back on,” Yerex says. “I can go be a computer programmer when my hair falls out, right?”

Acres of Lions plays Rock the Shores at the Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre in Victoria, July 13-14.

By Kristina Charania