Wednesday 05th, June 2013 / 20:28


In a two-story warehouse in the industrial area off Main Street sits 33 Acres Brewery and soon to be a lot of delicious, local craft beer. BeatRoute got a sneak peak of the brewery, tap room, long table dining room, and potential space for shows, parties, and dinners. Little spouts jut out from the wall to indicate where beer will be flowing and good times will be had. Owner Josh Michnik saw the flurry of craft breweries popping up in Vancouver not only as a business opportunity, but a way to tie his interests in beer, community, design, and music all together.

With a vision and some experience in film and television, design, and entrepreneurship, Michnik and a small crew of hard working friends founded 33 Acres. After working in LA, opening a clothing store and grocery store/café in Vancouver with his wife, he decided to put his own passions into practice.

“I asked myself ‘what’s next?’ I knew I loved beer and wanted to see how far I could take that,” he says.

Now, over a year into the project, Josh has a ripped up warehouse, he’s installed gigantic fermenters, finished wood panelling inside and out by hand, and plans to be brewing beer by the summer. Stop by when the doors are open to the public for a refreshing pint of California Common or other staple beers, concocted by brewmaster Dave Varga. A few creative seasonals might be available in the tasting room, but the mark of 33 Acres will be purity and simplicity. A small handful of reliable, tasty beers made with care.

The whole concept of 33 Acres is a no-nonsense philosophy. Growing up in Saskatchewan, Michnik is familiar with toiling long days.

“To me, acres represent work. On a farm, a lot of acres is a lot of work,” he says. And as for the 33, “In numerology, 33 represents success. It’s the number that all other numbers strive to be like. There is a completeness to it.”

Michnik equates success through hard work, and a well-deserved cold pint at the end of a long day.

33 Acres Brewery is located at 15 West Eighth Avenue in Vancouver. For more information visit http://www.33acresbrewing.com/

By Jessica Brodeur