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Marilyn Hall, owner of Inner Sleeve, bought the stock to That Old Retro store in hopes to expand her business. Her first store opened in Marda Loop back in 2004 — Hall had quit her job in hopes of relaxation, but that soon became boring. A used bookstore was for sale and she quickly grabbed hold of that. Her thoughts on buying a bookstore were that she could sit and read books all day and maybe sell a bit of music. As it turned out, people were coming to the store to purchase records more than they were coming to purchase the books. So, Hall decided to turn the store into a record shop because of the influx of people looking for music.

inner4In addition to selling music, she’s discovered that there’s also a huge business for turn-table repairs. Inner Sleeve offers used and new CDs, DVDs, magazines, record players, books and, of course, vinyl. There is a wide range of music, from Simon and Garfunkel to The Black Keys. “We’re looking to buy more new artists, like The Sheepdogs,” says Hall who would like to appeal to all audiences tastes in music.

With two stores in Calgary now, time is stretched thin for Hall — not that she minds. “It’s fun, I love doing this,” she says. Recently, Hall and the Inner Sleeve acquired around 4,000 records from CBC, ranging from jazz to rock. If you’re just getting in to collective vinyl, or are a seasoned veteran, you’re sure to find something at either Inner Sleeve location.

The Inner Sleeve’s new location is at 632 – 16 Ave. N.W.

By Kayden Desmond

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