Thursday 13th, June 2013 / 11:04



On a scale of zero to Brett Hart, it’s difficult to play one famous European club DJ against another with enough panache to rouse convictions that Intense is on the Cheez Whiz end of the gamut, while others are just black forest cake lacking kirsch and authentic whipped cream. Were there snare claps? Histrionic synths? Consummate arpeggios? Gossamer loops that screen the fissures between trance, progressive and chill, sans crinkles? Did the pastel string arrangements emote their own inclinations entirely – apropos to your “hum”? Were you vaguely insulted that the maybe breathy, perhaps sorrowed, yet, by far, peripheral vocals happened to be in English, rather than a foreign language, as heavyweight discotheque electro-pop should be?

Well, then. Game. Set. Match. When there’s nothing to lose, anything that seems unfiltered is actually a contrived bonanza, scaled for maximum impact. It’s like ordering a froufrou game meat platter at a charcuterie. It’s pretty hard to mess something up when it’s your stratagem, earmark and the only thing you serve.

By Lisa Marklinger



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VIDEO PREMIERE: sunglaciers – “A Different Place”

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