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Moshe Kasher Intellectualizes the Immature

Moshe Kasher Intellectualizes the Immature

By Graeme Wiggins VANCOUVER – Comedy exists in a precarious space in the public forum. On one hand, it relies…

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Sunday 16th, June 2013 / 17:38


Christian Hansen, the Edmonton-grown and now Toronto-based indie power pop mastermind behind 2009’s Power Leopard and 2012’s C’mon Arizona, has proved to be a constantly evolving organism. Changes in lineup, name and locale have served to provide clarity of purpose for members Christian Hansen and Molly Flood, who, after relocating to Toronto in 2011, found themselves playing with a revolving cast of musicians to in an effort to establish what was coming next.

Hansen explains that, “[Flood and I] ended up taking it back to the original set-up, which was basically keyboards and a drum machine. We’d kind of evolved into a full band and then the more we played out here and the more touring we were doing around the Greater Toronto Area, the more we realized we needed to simplify things.”

Now that they’re returning to Alberta to play Sled Island for the third time, it’s dazzling to reflect on how much the band has grown. “We played Sled in, I feel like it was 2007 or 2008, when we first starting and we literally played to 10 people,” Hansen laughs. Now, having developed one of the most distinctive sounds and the most energetic live show to come out of Alberta in years, Christian Hansen is a beloved band with a loyal following. Out east, Hansen and Flood are making waves, playing shows frequently, beginning preparations for tours in the U.S. and Europe and writing songs for a new album with a projected release date in late 2014.

However, successes in Toronto aside, Hansen and Flood are excited for a visit home to Alberta. “We’ve been away too long from Cowtown and we’re looking forward to coming back,” says Hansen. Planning a set with both old favourites and newer delights, Christian Hansen is bound to ooze their signature charisma all over Sled Island and get people dancing. It’s just what they do.

Christian Hansen will play Republik on June 19.

By Brianna Turner