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A dialogue is created between what initially sounds like two quite different EPs in Vancouver producers 8PRN and Boha’s decision to release a split cassette. On side 1 is 8prn’s Over It EP, originally released by Montreal and Vancouver based label Blenheim & Celtic, and on side 2 Boha’s Boil EP from Vancouver’s Jellyfish Recordings.

Over It is certainly the more initially accessible of the two EPs, so works well as a first side to the tape. It seems to take sonic cues typically found in trap music – pitched down vocal samples, skittering drum machines – and re-appropriate them into more cerebral and contemplative beat music. The opening title track, for example, begins with a disjointed drum beat and vocal sample repeated at various prominence and pitch, both elements suggesting a strong influence in southern hip hop. Yet, when the pulsating distorted synth line comes in and intertwines with a dusty-sounding wordless female vocal, the mood of 8prn’s music is shifted and becomes more soulful, with the processing of the vocals in this track and the second, “The Stoner,” creating a voice that has a rough quality with layered high pitch squeals and at times even sounds beautifully mournful. The third track, “‘Runnin,” is a slightly different sound in its arrangement, building up steadily to a crescendo of cascading synths based around a simple yet effective rolling vocal sample, and then bit by bit fading out again, just as smoothly. The song at its peak is a powerful mix of noise, constantly backed by bells and percussion tracks that keep a hypnotic rhythm.


Boha’s Boil EP on side two is a welcome pairing with Over It, as it manages to highlight the spacier and soulful elements of the first side and bring them to the forefront. More abstract in its presentation, these are four instrumental pieces that utilize organic-sounding noise-based recordings as nuances to accompany delicate synth melodies. Each of the four tracks is very much its own piece, and holds a cinematic quality of character that changes tone and mood as the EP progresses. As the title Boil suggests, this is music that considers the world around us and the intersection between nature and science. Slowly teasing a melody out of an unidentifiable field recording in the opening track “A Call,” the EP is a beautiful and immersive journey from start to finish, tempting and breaking expectations in the similarities and individuality of each piece.

Boil is now available via Jellyfish Recordings at

Over It via Blenheim & Celtic at

By Andy Soloman
Photo by Patrick McManus