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Thursday 04th, July 2013 / 10:59


One Life Animal’s debut album, Sleep and His Older Brother Death, lets out a ferocious roar that is sure to wake you from your slumber.

Although the Vancouver band formed in early 2007, the quartet is just now starting to get their wheels in full motion. After losing their original lead singer to the ranks of the Vancouver Police Department, they experienced a long hiatus from their formation until now.

“We went through a few singers and we settled on this one guy named Ben, he was a really nice guy but he ended up becoming a cop,” guitarist Tom McIlveen said as he offered a mix drink in the hallway of the band’s hot recording studio.

“Right when we finished the record and sent it to press he quit,” bass player Shawn Penner added. After scouring Craigslist for a new lead singer, the band eventually found their vocalist in Tocha Restrepo. In 2003 Restrepo traded in the sun-soaked shores of San Diego for the rain in Vancouver, “I followed the wrong man to the right city,” she says.

While difficult to describe because of the array of multiple genres, influences and styles, One Life Animal pull off a prog-pop rock and metal hybrid of songs that resonate in a completely new tone. Being one of the last bands to record in the legendary Mushroom Studios before its closure, this group of misfits have created a unique and exciting sound for their listeners.

“We wanted to write something that we would listen to and buy,” said drummer Duncan Ius. The ten songs on Sleep and His Older Brother Death will hit you hard and keep you engaged from start to finish as the full concept album detailing the duality of life and death reveals itself track after track.

One Life Animal have paid their dues in Vancouver and their aggressive work brings an element of a new progressive sound to the urban jungle we call Vancouver.

Sleep and His Older Brother Death will be released on July 19, a double album release party with the AK-747s at the Media Club. You can also join the band for their video release on July 9 at The Moose.

By Latif Bains



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