Saturday 06th, July 2013 / 09:32



Like smashing back a 24 of Creemore Springs on the lake, the debut self-titled album by Blimp Rock is a straight-ahead smorgasbord of summer jams, skinny dipping and salacious, wiry drunk rock.

While their press release cheekily remarks that the band was formed solely to “raise $700,000 to purchase a functioning airship for a music festival that will take place over Lake Ontario,” the bombastic party band aesthetic is well-placed.

Swampy, bong-littered grooves and slick, silvery guitar lines pepper the entirety of the album – a warm welcome for the summer to come and a sinful array of festivities. It’s a spoonful of Southern Ontario shtick that’s sure to please even the more cynical connoisseurs of scrappy garage rock.

Whether they’re singing about crushing on lifeguards or swilling a 26er poolside, the group’s cheesy, party-rock vibes are truly radical in their sunshine splendour. The bouncy, lovelorn “Lake Ontario Lifeguards” is a perfect centrepiece for the album’s “BBQ and have a few” mentality. With jangly acoustics and silky, baritone vocals, it’s a call to arms for the weekend warriors and beer-guzzling bastards in all of us.

This lighthearted collection of fuzzed-out, slightly stoned rock tunes is just the thing to propel us sweetly through the hazy day-drinking of the sunny months.

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By Nick Laugher