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I have to admit that I’m a bit of a sucker for concept albums, so when I read about Locomotive Ghost doing a series of EPs this year – each one representing a season – I was intrigued, to say the least. Having previously released a pair of full-lengths, Selkirk grads Mike Buckley, Ben Nixon and Cortney Osness united with multi-instrumentalist Paul Orton this year, which helped fill out their sound.

“Blue Eyes” appropriately opens the disc with a grooving bass line and sunny ukulele. Reggae-touched vocals lead way into some intriguing group vocal melodies as the song definitely shines that light we so yearn for after the gloominess of winter. “Isaac Newton” takes a more minimalist approach with finger-picked guitars while follow-up “Dog Days” returns to a more grooving rhythm section and clean guitar lines. The most intriguing track may just be “Run for Cover.”  Like any normal Calgary spring, the sunny days are usually bombarded with erratic storms, and this is represented by the final track. Drums echo while the vocals hang low behind the dreary pace, which elevates into ruckus of noise before falling rain settles in.

This is definitely an interesting project to keep an eye on while the band takes three-month cycles to develop unique lyrics and sounds that resonate the sentiments of each season.

By Cory Jones



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