Tuesday 09th, July 2013 / 19:24


“Bigger Than Luck” is the latest single from critically acclaimed Vancouver folk band the Fugitives. The new EP out in stores July 16 is a preview of the highly anticipated full length album which will be released in October. BeatRoute spoke to band member Brendan McLeod who provides vocals and plays guitar in the band, about recording in Toronto, and navigating music and writing.

“It was nice to work somewhere that was not our home city,” says McLeod. This contributes to what he describes as their biggest sounding record to date. “We got to play with a lot of musicians that we hadn’t played with before so it kind of kept everything unique.” Playing with an array of people in a new city naturally evolves the band’s sound, making it something unexpected, yet fuller. “We were able to play with a great rhythm section in Toronto. We didn’t necessarily see it coming, which is nice; we said let’s roll with it,” he says.

McLeod talks about the difficulty of having an uplifting song such as “Bigger Thank Luck” without making it cheesy. It’s one of those songs in which the difficult balance of having a song that is happy and positive yet not clichéd is successfully achieved. Yet, despite the national recognition the Fugitives have received from the likes of the CBC and local Vancouverites, McLeod sees himself as a more of a writer than a musician.“I go by writer first because that’s more what I do, and song writing falls under that so it’s sort of a catch all for everything,” he explains.

It also has to do with the fact that McLeod is a published author who’s currently working on his second novel. “Every day I spend trying to write a novel and that’s a laborious process, with music, I like to write songs, but I don’t play nine different instruments.” Despite that, the talent seeps through all over Bigger Than Luck. If you’re in Vancouver catch The Fugitives play a CBC Musical nooner sometime in July.

The Fugitives release Bigger Than Luck on July 16.

By Betty Fikre Mariam