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Don’t Go To Bass Coast

Don’t Go To Bass Coast

By Alan Ranta MERRITT – 2018 marked the tenth anniversary of Bass Coast, the infamous electronic music and arts festival that…

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Thursday 01st, August 2013 / 20:54



What do you get when you take the Futureheads, multiply them by the Shout Out Outs and divide that all by the guilty pleasure you get while listening to Kim Wilde?

The Danks’ newest release Gank would be a valid answer to the above question.

This album effortlessly elevates the stresses of the workday with 11 tracks that are sure to get your brain pumping out a plentiful serge of serotonin. This is the four-piece’s first LP since their debut, Are You Afraid of the Danks?, but Gank is proof positive that the Danks haven’t lost their edge. Gank is a collaboration nothing short of catchy that was recorded in Toronto’s Kensington Market with the help of Jeff McMurrich and Ian McGettigan. Each track pays homage to that upbeat attitude of that indie drifter, while others echo synth frenzies from that forgotten land of new-wave.

As soon as the album starts, your mood starts to lift with “Not News,” containing an addicting dose of choppy guitars. “Summer Luvin” romanticizes the unfortunate realization that summer love will never last into the fall with the raspy vocals of Brohan Moore. “Who is You?” playfully fucks with proper grammar to produce possibly my favourite moment on the album. Please don’t be alarmed when you get to “Experimental Fiction” – it’s still the Danks, even though the song starts out much like Michael Stipe’s “Stand.” The rest of the album is chock-full of soulful synth, sing-along moments and perfect vocal harmonies. Gank may be the result of dark research into the vaults of illusive alternative FM radio bands (according to band members), but the album produces a light playful air that is anything but nebulous.

By Lori Meyers


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