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Booze Cruise - credit Devakaran Manickaraj, Cab City PhotographyDETOX DISHES: 4 OF CALGARY’S BEST HANGOVER MEALS

Waking up with a crushing hangover is never fun. Along with the shame, regret and searing headache also comes the inevitable urge to bury the pain in mounds of delicious food. Speaking from experience, your choice of hangover meal can either aid or hamper your recovery. Here are four of my favourite YYC detox dishes:

Breakfast Poutine – Brasserie Kensington

On weekends, Brasserie serves up what just might be the most underrated brunch in the city. Their menu is the twisted masterpiece of chef Cam Dobranski and features a plethora of hangover delights. My personal favourite indulgence is the Breakfast Poutine. Wonderfully crispy duck fat fries are lovingly topped with cheese curds, duck fat gravy, house made hollandaise and finished off with a perfectly cooked egg. If you’re feeling extra gluttonous you can add a portion of duck confit, or if you’re looking to go the hair of the dog route you can add a shot of Buffalo Trace Bourbon for $3.50.

Chili Goma Ramen – Shikiji

At one point in time this gigantic bowl of goodness was “off the menu,” a secret offering for regulars and those lucky enough to catch wind of its existence. A dish this delicious couldn’t stay under wraps forever and it’s now featured on the main menu for your booze-fuelled indulgence.

This legendary ramen features a rich and decadent chilli sesame broth that’s brimming with ground pork, shitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, noodles and green onions. The Chilli Goma Ramen is a formidable match for even the most ravenous glutton and one of the best dishes in Calgary – hangover or not!

Beef Brisket & Monki Sausage Hash – Monki Bistro

The owners at Monki Bistro can only be described as breakfast ninjas, which is why I often find myself bleary eyed on their doorstep on a Sunday morning. My favourite item, the Beef Brisket Hash, is a hot mess in the best way possible. Served still sizzling in the skillet, this features a medley of crispy potatoes, house made sausage and melt in your mouth brisket doused in hollandaise. The moment the yolk from the two fried eggs cascades over the meaty mess is nothing less than orgasmic. For a meat free option try the Banana & Frangelico Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast.

Booze Cruise 2- credit Devakaran Manickaraj, Cab City PhotographyThe Widowmaker – Clive Burger

If you’ve exhausted all other cures, or if you just want to keep it extra real, then pull up your eating pants and head to Cliveburger on 17th Avenue for the Widowmaker. Be warned: this isn’t for the faint of heart. Four beef patties dripping with melted cheese, topped with the usual fixings and a big fat fried egg (ask to add bacon if you really want to step up your game). The epic battle of wills you’re sure to have with this behemoth will take your mind off your crushing headache and poor life choices.

So the next time you find yourself with a slight taste of vomit in your mouth, ditch the churros and recover with one of these morning-after masterpieces.

By Jesse Willis
Photos: Devakaran Manickaraj, Cab City Photography