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Calgary’s already-impressive festival scene has been particularly strong in 2013, but a team of Inglewood residents and business owners decided that Calgary was missing an important component: the night market. Free from the beating midday sun, attendees can experience fantastic food, live entertainment and late-night shopping in one of Calgary’s most vibrant neighbourhoods. The night market is one of many events hosted in Inglewood since the 2012 Cultural Capital initiative and it has drawn some of the largest crowds, due likely to both the size and spectacle of the event. The August night market will be the third of four scheduled, occurring monthly.

Darcy Lundgren of the DaDe Gallery in Inglewood is a central member of FindIt Calgary, the organization behind the night market and other “pop-up” events around town. According to Lundgren, the night festival was born out of a desire to bring more arts and culture into the neighbourhood. Inglewood’s historical significance and existing facilities also helped make it an ideal candidate for the event, but the community’s motivated inhabitants are the real driving force behind the night market. Lundgren is particularly fond of the market’s international appeal; those who have fallen in love with European nightlife will no doubt find the Inglewood night market’s whole vibe irresistible. “[Calgary has] plenty of day markets, but a night market is so vibrant and energetic,” says Lundgren.

The flooding in June posed some complications, but considering the neighbourhood’s location, Lundgren considers the relatively minor damage miraculous: “We really fared quite well in the floods… Everything is back to normal. The minute the water started going down, we wanted to start letting people know that Inglewood was up and running.” Inglewood features prominently on but many people are still uncertain whether the riverside neighbourhoods are operational again. Lundgren is hopeful that FindIt’s popup events will draw people back. “We’re working really hard to let everyone know,” says Lundgren.

This next Inglewood Night Market will be on August 9th from 6 p.m. to midnight, along 10th Street SE and will feature vendors, food trucks and musicians, with many businesses extending hours until 10 p.m. or later.

By John Julius

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