Tuesday 06th, August 2013 / 14:30


After a few years in Vancouver and Toronto developing in style and refining her music, Louise Burns has created a balance in the mood, tone and ambiance of her performance. She can be seen around town spinning records or occasionally performing her solo music or with Gold & Youth. In every case, you can expect to be part of the great music she surrounds herself with and builds her life around. Burns explained her goals to BeatRoute: “DJing is fun for me because I get to play bands that I don’t think anyone else has heard before. Or, in a setting where you might not normally hear that particular band. I’m in control. I don’t really do ‘party DJing,’ I don’t really aim to make people dance… I want to show people new music they wouldn’t normally hear.” She’s found her crowd in Vancouver who appreciate the selection, but if given the chance to spin anywhere in the world, “I’d DJ at David Lynch’s club in Paris.”

You may be able to go to clubs and shows to get in on Louis Burns’ music, but you have to read BeatRoute to get in on her fashion secrets! Her dark, flowy and delicate look is to be envied. “My favourite spot to shop in Vancouver is Oak and Fort. Whatever I buy from there I end up wearing every day. I also really like Community Vintage.“ How’s this for a fashion icon, “Rachel from Blade Runner. And Patti Smith, she’s kind of the best anyways. I just want everything to look like Blade Runner all the time.”

Louise Burns DJs on Tuesday nights at the Electric Owl for Slave to Love with Matt Lyall and Fridays at Save-On Meats.

Makeup and styling by Chrystal Macleod 
Skirt: Party Skirt, lady length from Skot Apparel
Bag: Half Moon Leather Clutch by Erin Templeton
Written by Jessica Brodeur, Photos by Sarah Whitlam