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papergirl 2 - no creditDELIVERING ART TO THE MASSES

Papergirl Calgary is an innovative art delivery system executed on bikes much like how a 1940s-era paperboy would.

The concept is exactly what it sounds like: the art of giving art on bikes for free to random people on the streets – a sort of giving back to the world, happily, sustainably and artfully.

The community-based street art project originated in Berlin in 2006. It became a world phenomenon and extended to cities like Barcelona, Istanbul and other Canadian cities such as Kelowna, Toronto and Vancouver. It promotes local artists in a formal gallery exhibition and then distributes the exhibited artworks elsewhere.

Papergirl - no credit“The art of giving art is very much about exchanging ideas about what art is and can be, and how it makes us feel,” says Sunshine Frere from Papergirl Calgary.

“In some cities, they chuck the artwork like a paper delivery route. We prefer to have that engaging conversation with folks about the project,” she shares about their process of choice.

Last year, more than 130 artists participated with over 300 works of art given out and Frere says she is confident they will beat last year’s submissions.

On top of having partnered with the EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts for the exhibition, this year the group has decided to target cycling areas to neighbourhoods that were affected by the 2013 floods: “Hopefully we can make some local residents who lost some artwork happy with a new piece to hang on their walls!”

The Papergirl Calgary exhibition will be held at the EPCOR Centre from August 14-17 and the Giftathon will be held on August 18. To volunteer, contact [email protected].

By Claire Miglionico

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