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Monday 19th, August 2013 / 22:09

Wings of Metal Poster, credit illustration by Daniel Corcuera, graphic design by Annick GirouxPROTECTORS OF THE TRUE

Lately, Canada has had lots of quality festivals pop up, including Noctis Metal Festival, Fuck Off Life, Distort Fest (R.I.P after September) and more. We have another to add to this list: Wings of Metal. Montreal is no stranger to deadly metal gigs, but Wings of Metal is holding the torch high through the cryptic metal underground to bring us heroes of old.

“The bands were chosen principally by myself, actually, with the approval of the two co-organizers. Basically, I wanted only my favourite bands to play, bands that I would travel a long way to see, if you know what I mean,” writes founder Annick Giroux, also a member of classic doom act Cauchemar, a mystical heavy metal with haunting vocals and French lyrics, who will be performing at the fest. Their newest album, Tenebrario, is a force to be reckoned with!

Also performing is Quebec act Voor, a band who lots of people never thought they would ever see live. These Canadian creatures from hell gave us two demos in ’85, one of them being the legendary Evil Metal demo. Another band from the grave is Goat Horn. Now known as Cauldron, Goat Horn created a much heavier, crushing doom style of heavy metal. The legendary Wichita metal masters, Manilla Road, will also be back in Canada to cause mayhem and bring us death by the hammer! If you fancy more ancient extreme stuff, than you can catch the first live show of Toronto-based black metal killers Megiddo, primitive as hell evil warriors Beast Within and Ottawa’s blackened thrashers Occult Burial. Don’t forget Chthe’ilist and Midnight. There are two more highlights: new traditional doom band Magic Circle, who released one of the best albums of this year and of course, Satan. If that’s not enough for your weak mind, Sunday will be jam-packed!

“There will be a huge metal market with tons of sellers, selling both new and used stuff. Lots of records, CDs, shirts, DVDs, patches, pins, magazines, etc. For those who plan to come, you have to arrive early — there will be tons of gems! After that, around 6 p.m., there will be a BBQ and, then, a final DJ party with three bands playing. Bands are kept secret for now and will only be announced the weekend of the gig,” explains Giroux.

This festival is one for the ages and should NOT be missed! Two nights of magickal hell.

Wings of Metal will run on Friday, August 30 until Sunday, September 1 at Les Katacombes in Montreal, QC. Presale tickets are sold out; only 25 entries will be left at the door for each day so show up early if you didn’t get your tickets!

By Dan Neild
illustration: Daniel Corcuera, graphic design by Annick Giroux