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You know those guys that you see with the jeans that aren’t skin tight, but aren’t baggy? Who possibly have a tattoo and might consider a winter beard? The kind of guy that looks like he would just as easily ride a bike as he would roll up those stylish sleeves up and fix a car? These are the clothes he wears.

While his attire might look casual (even business-casual), it’s hard to find those jeans that aren’t pre-faded, the shirts that aren’t too thin, the patterns that stand the test of time and the staple items that look just as stylish brand new on a date or at the office, as they do well-worn with kids or on a longboard. It’s almost universal, a realm of menswear that seems to be cross-generationally appropriate and not even necessarily specific to this continent. What’s unique about this store in that sense is that all of their clothing comes from companies where the garments are produced in North America, setting them apart from any other store in the province. Where before you had to go to Vancouver, Montreal, or Toronto to get these brands, they’re now coming to us instead.

North-American-3North American store owner Kyle Van Der Velden explains his observation that, “As far as a North American look, I think there’s just that little bit of ruggedness to it… It’s a versatility.” He adds, “You wear the same jeans that you have to the cabin or to the woods as you would on casual Fridays. You have one good pair of jeans and you wear them everywhere.” If you wear holes or tears into these clothes, he will even send them back to the company to be repaired: custom-stressed denim!

Check them out for some cozy fall and winter layers. They might even have some extra-smalls for the ladies with man-fashion envy.

See if it’s your fit at their grand opening September 12 7:30-10:30 at their location in Inglewood (1207 – 10 Ave. S.E.) for Tubby Dogs, music, beer and other manly things. RSVP to [email protected].

By Cait Lepla

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