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thepost2_photocreditPaulChirkaLOVE LETTERS INSPIRE WWII SHORT

The Post is a 12-minute long short written and directed by Kyle Thomas from North Country Cinema, a director-driven arts-collective based in Calgary. The collective is dedicated to honouring the cultural and artistic Canadian landscapes through strong and perceptive filmmaking. The Post was produced by Cameron Macgowan and Kyle Thomas with cinematography by Alexander (Sandy) Carson also from North Country Cinema and is set to screen at this year’s Calgary International Film Festival for its world premiere.

If you are one for nostalgic sensibility and Canadian history, this one’s for you to watch and take in.

Set in World War II, The Post was inspired by Thomas’ own grandfather who was an RCMP officer stationed in Western Canada during World War II. It was shot in Dorothy, Alta. not too far from Drumheller.

“[It] explores themes of longing, memory and nostalgia while also exploring aspects of Kyle’s family history,” says Carson, the short’s cinematographer.

thepost_photocreditPaul.ChirkaThe story is such an unbelievably perfect source of inspiration that it’s no wonder it had to be re-interpreted for film. The artistic sensibility of this film is to die for and the heart-wrenching realistic portrayal of a man longing for his far-away love is rendered spectacularly.

Carson, whom I met on the set of The Valley Below, Thomas’ current feature-length project, initially shared The Post’s story with me on the drive to one of the film’s set locations. I remember thinking of how amazing of a story that was and made me think of my own grandfather’s stories of WWII.

He later recapped the real-life story to me via email:

“After [his grandfather’s] death, Kyle discovered a stack of love letters from this period between his grandfather and a young woman named Mae who was working for The Air Force in Ottawa,” he writes.

The hand-written love letters, a form of correspondence little-known to our current generation, provided the main source of inspiration for the film.

It’s amazing how inspirational our own families can sometimes be to our own creativity.

Watch for a feature-length story in BeatRoute’s October issue on the making of The Valley Below – Thomas’ first feature length film shot entirely in the Canadian Badlands.

By Claire Miglionico
Images: Paul Chirka


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