Monday 16th, September 2013 / 20:19

Calgary-Record-CollectorsTIPS FROM A VINYLPHILE

We arrived at the Calgary Music Collectors Show around mid-afternoon. After walking into the Acadia Recreation Complex, one thing became abundantly clear: we should have come MUCH earlier. The hall was packed with people and, had we gone at 10 a.m. for the collector’s hour, many, many more venerated records would have been in our possession. Lesson one learned.

The first vendor, even before we entered the hall, had a self-titled yellow Bathory bootleg – the infamous “Gula Geten.” Commence the first disagreement of the day as normally respectable people started arguing over who saw it first. Yes, rare vinyl, even in its bootlegged form, makes us crazy. Moments later, after finding a Melvins Gluey Porch Treatments bootleg, I seceded the Bathory. 30 minutes later, I heard frustrated grunts due to the copy of Hellhammer’s Death Fiend I’d acquired. Lesson two learned: don’t go to the show with your friends whose taste is similar to yours.

After spending five dollars and getting inside, the first vendor I approached was a metal seller, one of a small handful. His collection included The Ruins of Beverast, an extremely difficult to find Mournful Congregation record and a dozen other gems that I would have loved to own. A few were seriously overpriced; most were reasonable given their rarity. The $60 I had brought had went quickly. Lesson three learned: don’t go to the show with limited funds unless you can actually control your spending. I went to the cash machine and dipped into my rent. DON’T DIP INTO YOUR RENT.

Another vendor across the aisle was beckoning. His collection included a Banzai press of Celtic Frost’s To Mega Therion and a Cobra press of Into the Pandemonium. $60 seemed expensive for the former; $25 seemed cheap for the latter. Thanks to the Internet on my phone, I learned both were reasonable. Lesson four learned: having information at your fingertips takes out the guesswork.

Lessons learned. For the September collector show – the second of this year – I will go early. I will bring no friends. I will not bring my bank card. I will bring my phone. Now repeat after me….

The Calgary Music Collectors Show runs on September 29 at the Acadia Rec Complex (240 – 90 Ave. S.E.)

Words and photo by Sarah Kitteringham



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