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SEPTEMBER 19-21, 2013

The “HOLY SHIT THAT BAND” Experience:  Bölzer’s unique brand of dissident death/doom had me absolutely floored. Less of a band and more like two musicians playing in tandem, I was completely and hopelessly transfixed for the entirety of their set. Add to the fact they were hopelessly nice, highly educated and completely personable and friendly, and spent three nights of the week eating dinner in our living room while excitedly babbling over our record collection, and you have an experience we’ll never forget. (Tanner Wolff & Sarah Kitteringham)

Cringe Inducing Experience: Running between Lord Nelson’s and Dickens all Thursday evening put my nerves on edge. Hearing Rav The Arab Villianizer compare an air guitar competitor to goat fucking was pretty funny. The 100 or so attendees roaring with laughter and the black metal judge, who gave everyone a zero, certainly made the event less cheesy. Later, when the air guitar competitor – or someone with the same zebra-skin pants – marched to me in the Exciter pit and declared I should hold his cell phone despite never meeting him before, I cracked: “Do I look like your fucking purse?” Not a time to fuck with me, bro. (SK)

Strongest Addition: Dat metal market. Damn, what a perfect way to bring out the wasted hordes at noon on a Friday. After snagging new releases from Fuel Injected Records, a Denial of God and custom Noctis patch, and LPs by Autopsy, Satan, Angel Witch, Prosanctus Inferi, Borrowed Time, Sarcófago, and Mystifier, my lust for metal was satiated. (SK)

Best Usage of Local Talent: Barbatos. Seeing close friends in Savage Streets and Gatekrashör, who were all a jangled mess of nerves and anxiety for a week prior, get up on stage with the Japanese street metal legend Yasuyuki Suzuki and play was unforgettable. They ripped through my personal favourites, “Red Leather Bitch” and “Baby I’m Your Man,” with confidence and energy. Probably the most entertaining band of the fest. (TW)

Most Ridiculous Piece of Gear: Did you guys all catch that guitar strap that Caller of the Storms from Blasphemy was rocking? What in fuck is up with that? I do not see the convention of having six-inch nails sticking out of your shoulder. Although, it clearly explains why he didn’t move around that much. If I were to wear that thing, I’d end up sticking myself in the jugular while windmilling. (Brandon McNeil)

The “I Love You, Man/Woman” Flash: The intensity of the weekend’s atmosphere and immense camaraderie of the crowd. All bands aside, just hanging out with everyone all weekend was worth the price of admission. I spent a good chunk of time mingling in that little gated POW camp. Aside from doing all the usual catching up and mingling with old friends, I’m pretty sure I saw that dude from Barbatos falling all over himself whilst in line for another drink. Only at Noctis. (Ian Lemke & Brandon McNeil)

Unexpected Moment of Improv Comedy: Gene Hoglan’s clinic was pretty much the greatest thing ever. That dude, along with being one of the greatest drummers in the history of drumming, really is one of the more down-to-earth guys in the business. Plus, he’s funnier than fuck. The performance he delivered in between songs was damn near sitcom worthy. Somebody needs to get Mr. Hoglan a TV contract immediately. (BM)

The “Is This Really My Life?” Headbang Bonanza: The last four bands on Saturday were all just incredible. Possessed delivered a tight as hell set that was just perfect; Girlschool proved they are not a simple throwback act and rocked with the best of them; Candlemass proved that being only a live band is not about riding a wave of nostalgia, it’s about allowing your songs to morph, grow, and crush; and Carcass forced us to respect them with snide stage banter and neck snapping set. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. (SK)

Moment of Clarity: It struck me as I was watching Possessed, Candlemass and Carcass, the notion that Noctis had become more important than any of us, even the tirelessly hardworking festival organizers, could have foreseen. Noctis, perhaps this year more than previous, inspired me as a musician to strive to better myself. The sheer raw talent on display was absolutely devastating. The reaction from the crowds, seeing even the most uptight elitists fanboys/girls out, the bands all having a fucking blast onstage — it made me realize why I wanted to become a musician in the first place. (TW)

By Ian Lemke, Brandon McNeil, Tanner Wolff and Sarah Kitteringham
Photo: Sarah Kitteringham



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