Thursday 26th, September 2013 / 12:18


Film: That Burning Feeling 
Director: Jason James
Country: Canada

That Burning Feeling is a really hilarious and touching (no pun intended) Canadian film everybody should see. The trailer gave off that predictable rom-com vibe and, at the end of the day, it is a fairly predictable romantic comedy of sorts, but it will pleasantly surprise you. Plus, it is entirely Canadian and entirely shot in Vancouver, BC. We get a great feel for the Canadian west coast lifestyle with this film, which adds to the many reasons this film is worth checking out. It is a nice change from films with L.A or New York as their back drop. Vancouver has so much to offer and making it the film’s setting was a great idea. It’s a smart comedy with a good message that makes you reassess the sort of lifestyle you are leading compared to the lifestyle you’d want to live.  

That Burning Feeling is the story of Adam (Paulo Costanzo) who ends up bedding a lot of women over a a short period of time. He’s this hot shot, charismatic real estate guru in Vancouver, BC who is definitely single and who doesn’t seem to care about anybody else but himself. 

His evil boss, Roger Whitacre, is played by the ridiculously hilarious John Cho. 

One morning, Adam wakes up with a burning feeling down below. He goes to the doctor to find out he contracted Gonorrhea, most likely from one of his many sexual partners over the past few days. Dr. Fishbaum (Jay Brazeau) tells Adam he will need to contact all of these women so they can get tested ASAP. Adam does so with disastrous results and is obviously now hated by all these women he only really knew by nicknames he’d make up for them. 

Adam then meets Liv on a chance encounter at a centre/school for disadvantaged kids that she is invested in. He’s sweaty, in pain (bloody nose from an ex-partner) and reveals to Liv that he is having a really bad day. 

Liking Adam’s honesty, Liv takes care of his bloody nose and there’s that instant connection. Adam and Liv unknowingly meet again at one of Whitecre’s big business meetings, Liv being a legal aid who is against the construction of Whitecre’s big condominium projects that would take over a bunch of affordable housing and centre projects. 

Adam panics during the meeting and gets fired by Whitecre. His life takes an immediate turn for the worse. He’s got Gonorrhea and all of its nauseating symptoms, he’s jobless, friendless and womanless. Good thing he still has his eccentric, laid-off neighbour Frank (Tyler Labine) who makes himself at home on Adam’s couch. Frank ends up being a good friend to Adam and eventually becomes an influential character in Adam’s life.  

The time spent away from his job makes Adam realize he literally has no real connections with anybody. 

He even develops doubt on whether he ever really liked his job. 

Eventually, Adam chooses to make it right with the women he has, well, touched…and hurt. 

Over his antibiotics-filled weeks, he makes a promise to himself to get to know each of these women by name. He ends up making a pact with them to try something together they’ve always wanted to do but never had the courage or time to. 

“Stalker” Nan (Jordana Largy) picks up an acting class for example. As for Adam, he learns fencing from Joyce (Julia Benson), pottery from another, goes surfing with yet another, the list goes on!

And that love story between Adam and Liv? Yeah, it’s pretty cute. 

By Claire Miglionico