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Now, I know that people still go to the Walmart and purchase shitty Ouija boards – don’t. Ouijas are actually considered negative tools of communication. With ghost hunting, the energy you put out there is the energy the entities use to interact, so use something that puts out positive energy. Here are some communication tools to consider purchasing, instead.


This instrument measures fluctuations within the surrounding magnetic fields. Spirits are said to be composed of magnetic energies, therefore irregular fluctuations could be concluded as paranormal. Keep in mind that most electronics at home have their own magnetic fields, so make sure to do a base reading of the structure you are hunting before you start jumping to conclusions.

I suggest picking up the KII Meter. This device has a series of lights with a range of colours. The base reading is shown as a bright green. When paranormal fluctuations are present the other colours light up, making this tool great for simple paranormal questioning.

Ghost Box/Spirit Box

If you want to actually hear the vocal tone of the entity, try using a Ghost Box. This tool uses static white noise to communicate with the other side. It actually scans the FM radio frequencies at a fast rate. The entities can use this tool to phonetically manipulate the static white noise and create there own voice. If you hear a voice that spans over multiple frequencies, you might have just communicated with a spirit.

I use the P-SB7 Spirit Box myself. Not only can you hear the spirit communicate with you, but you can also hear the distinct vocal tones of each entity. Make sure to bring a ton of extra batteries, as spirits tend to drain direct current in order to gain energy and manifest.

Laser Grid

This tool is mainly used for catching shadow people but can also be used for off-the-hook dance parties. Shadow people move at fast speeds and are extremely hard to catch on film. This tool actually places a grid of lasers over the area of investigation. If the lasers get blocked than you may have just witnessed an actual shadow person.

Digital Recorder

Like I mentioned before, spirits live on a different realm or frequency. Most believe this realm is located on the lower frequencies. If you hear a spirit speak with your own ears, what you are hearing is considered a disembodied voice. Most spirit communication is inaudible to humans and that is where this tool becomes one of the most important for ghost hunting. Digital Recorders are used to catch EVPs, or Electronic Voice Phenomena. Make sure that you use these in short bursts and leave time between each question. Make sure to indicate or mark any sounds that you make to avoid confusion in your analysis.

Dowsing Rods

dowsing3Dowsing, or divining, rods have been used to locate not only water and metal, but also the paranormal. They do this by locating Earth energy lines, known to most as ley lines. These lines run in conjunction with the Earth’s magnetic grid. These lines are usually located relatively close to, or even directly on paranormal hot spots.

The rods are one of the easier paranormal communication tools to acquire because you can simply make them yourself.


One wire hanger
Wire cutters
Two pens

1. Take your hanger cut the base of it directly in the middle.

2. Now make two cuts on both sides about 1″ below the actual hook. Make sure both cuts are equal distance away on both sides. You should end up with two V-shaped pieces of wire.

3. Bend the wire so that both make an L-shape with a 90° angle. Try to get them as close as you can. Make sure both of them are almost mirror images.

4. Take your pens – I prefer clear BIC pens – and take them apart. You are only going to use the hollow outer tube of the pen.

5. Take the clear pen tube put it through the shorter end of the L-shaped wire.

6. Making sure that the pen tube is close to the curve of the L – give a little room at the bend so the rod can move effortlessly – bend the end of the shorter side so the pen tube is locked in place. This bend should be just enough to ensure the pen tube doesn’t fall off.

7. Repeat steps 3-7 with the second L-shaped wire.

8. Happy ghost hunting with your homemade dowsing rods!

By Robyn Condon

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