Monday 07th, October 2013 / 19:55

the-lion-the-bear-the-foxWELCOME THE MAN BAND

“Gone are the days of the boy band — let’s welcome the man band!”

This is what Edmonton-born, Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Cory Woodward says he hopes people will think when they think of his new alt-folk band, the lion the bear the fox. And to Woodward, being a man band has to do with much more than being in your 30s and being able to grow a thick beard.

Woodward and his bandmates Christopher Arruda and Ryan McMahon are immersed in B.C.’s Peak Performance Project radio contest as Top 20 finalists, while at the same time, the band has been recording its debut EP, We’d Be Good Men, and preparing for a western Canadian tour that runs October 8-25. Through it all, Woodward says they’ve shared laughter and tears in moments of vulnerability and honesty.

“A man needs to be vulnerable and accept the full spectrum of emotion that we all feel,” he says. “The greatest thing I’ve gotten out of the Peak Performance Project so far is a clearer definition of what it is to be a modern-day man, or what I desire all men to be. A man needs to be driven by his passions and always in the pursuit of learning more while on this endless road because our passions, just like us, are always evolving and will do so until the day we die.”

Evolving and trying to be better men is a theme running through the lion the bear the fox’s EP, We’d Be Good Men, which is being released at the beginning of October.

“This band, at its core, is about three best friends who are trying to improve as human beings and become the best men that they can be,” says Arruda. “It’s about being honest and owning up to your mistakes and moving forward with integrity in life through pure sincerity and being genuine.”

The band, which formed after Arruda, Woodward and McMahon toured together as solo artists in May 2012, recorded and mixed the album themselves.

“It’s been an interesting exercise,” says McMahon. “We’ve taken some chances and created something that we hope people will enjoy. We’ve learned that we can do almost anything in-house. This is a very small, young family business.”

The lion the bear the fox performs October 10 at the Ironwood Stage & Grill in Calgary (with Steel Wheels), October 11 at Calgary House Gigs, October 12 at the Artery in Edmonton (with Sean Burns and Lindsey Walker).

By Lindsay Chung