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Thursday 17th, October 2013 / 00:00

death-toll-risingRELEASE DATE: OCTOBER 22, 2013 – SELF-RELEASE

Combining elements of both death and thrash, Edmonton-based metallers Death Toll Rising are premiering their sophomore release Infection Legacy, exclusively on, five days before its official release on iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon and major online retailers.

Death Toll Rising formed in 2003 and in their 10 years thus far, they have shared the stage with the likes of Napalm Death, Bison b.c., Into Eternity and Cryptopsy to name a few.

Infection Legacy follows up their 2010 debut full length, Defecation Suffocation.

infection_legacy_coverGuitarist Drew Copland writes about the album: “Infection Legacy represents for us, without a doubt, the next level.  The span of time from the first song written to the last was nearly three years and while It has been a longer process to write and record than we had originally planned, we really believe that it is worth the wait.

“We took a lot of time in crafting and arranging these songs to create this album as a whole, and it definitely shows. It has brutality, thrash, shred, tech, groove and, most importantly, hooks!

“Listening back to our last release (Defecation Suffocation, 2010) it is clear that these new songs are more focused and thought out and we are already seeing that people are recognizing that. Everything that our fans loved in the past is still there, just amped up and with a few new elements in the fold.  Sacha Laskow at Perfect Fifth Audio Architects gave Infection Legacy a huge beefy sound, too, so crank these tracks loud and rock the fuck out!”

Click here for BeatRoute’s November story on the band.

By Team BeatRoute
Photo: Dana Zuk



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