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It’s time to consider majoring in WMNSTUDIES. With the brash hit of fall in Vancouver, summer is now a figment of our dreams. The façade of misty mornings and pumpkin spice is now a reality, and it’s time to accept that school and work are in full swing. However, enrolling in one or two WMNSTUDIES classes this fall may offer a unique experience. Defying social constructs, WMNSTUDIES welcomes everyone to join their musical utopia.

WMNSTUDIES is Zach Smith and Nathan SaveMeBoots – a collaborative duo based out of Vancouver. They met in music school and since then have been striving towards equality utilizing upbeat harmonies and a stylish modern production.

With an eclectic sound ranging from deep house, indie dance and nu-disco, their dreamy, yet groovy sound is a product of their majestic partnership. Nathan notes that although he is in Vancouver and Zach’s in Toronto, their virtual interconnectivity leads to unique collaboration. Mediated by a cyber-screen, WMNSTUDIES synthesize their creative energies online. Their music is a product of nocturnal Skype sessions and a restless energy that keeps them up till they’re satisfied with the end result. This form of collaboration is something very unique to the technological age in which we are situated and seemingly works in their favour. The dynamic duo compliments each other as Nate explains “Zach is really sick with drum programming and rhythms because he started out producing hip hop. I work more with the arrangements and bass grooves as I played bass in a few indie bands growing up.”

Zach and Nathan break boundaries and have become future trailblazers for Vancouver’s electronic scene with their pure feel-good dance music. Their SoundCloud page features some astounding tracks, with remixes including Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You” and local band BESTiE’s track “Asleep on The Bus.”

The pair is currently in the works of releasing an EP in January, which promises to feature strong female vocalist with a heavy R&B and soul influence.

As we await its arrival, you can catch WMNSTUDIES at the Electric Owl this Halloween, for what they anticipate to be a night of “dancing, laughter, love and raccoon antics.” In the meantime, keep your ears open and eyes peeled for their new remix of Mereki’s single “Blue Lake.”

By Ashtyn Bevan 
Photo: Retrieved from WMNSTUDIES Facebook page



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