Monday 04th, November 2013 / 19:17


In the wasted years of my youth, I was a massive fan of Iron Maiden. It’s funny how things can change and by childhood’s end I found that I had moved into a different world of music. But, as all Maiden fans know, the metal never leaves your blood. It hooks in you and never lets go.

Last month, I promised myself I would revisit the prophecy of my youth and spend all of “Rocktober” listening to metal again. For me, this meant Maiden would be returning from out of the shadows to again become public enemy number one in my personal music rotation. The prodigal son had returned! Never in my wildest dreams could I have hoped that Rocktober would also introduce me to a beer by Maiden. In another life, I would have been upset that Maiden had released a beer. To the wrathchild that had grown up listening to them in his youth, it may have felt like selling out. But, to the grown man and weekend warrior that exists today, it only feels like this legendary band is coming home.

Booze-Nov-3“Trooper” is an English ale created by the band, but British brewer, Robinson Brewery, is the alchemist. It is created using Bobec, Goldings and Cascade hops and is relatively light for its style. This makes this medium bodied, citrusy beer, absolutely poundable with a refreshing finish, like sun and steel for your palate.

This beer is brand new to the Alberta market and many stores are having a hard time keeping it stocked. The true Maiden fan may have to be quick or be dead if they want to get their hands on some. However, that shouldn’t stop you from heading to your local purveyor and demanding that they become the man who would be king by getting this beer back in the village!

I hope you get a chance to try this beer and I hope that it is at 2 A.M. while blasting “Run to the Hills”! If it does for you what it did for my Rocktober, than you will be instantly transported back to the age of innocence with revelations that you can actually remember tomorrow. It’s a surreal déjà vu.

Long live beer. Long live metal. And long live the sea of madness created when two worlds collide with such fury.

There are 28 Iron Maiden song titles hidden within this month’s article. The first five people to find them all and list them in order via an email to [email protected] will win a Vine Arts growler valued at $10. You get to keep the growler and fill it as many times as you want at Vine Arts. Perhaps even with some Iron Maiden “Trooper”!

By Jeff Jamieson