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Goodwill Lager Raises Money to Give Toys to Kids

Goodwill Lager Raises Money to Give Toys to Kids

By Jordan Yager VANCOUVER – The holiday season is about spending quality time with those closest to us – gathering…



Tuesday 03rd, December 2013 / 21:13


Kill Your Love is rough around the edges, in the finest way possible. Eric Campbell & the Dirt get right in your face, eardrums, and then surprisingly hit you in the heart. Despite having “prison or carnival” grit about them, the lyrics in every song are elegantly written. With every heavy song, there is a slow and morose one alongside it. The symmetry is impressive, as is their deeply mature grasp of their goth-blues genre.

This album is a proud achievement for the band, who recently released it to a Vancouver audience. Tracks like “Who Stabbed John?” will have you drinking whisky and then punching yourself in the face. The Gun Club cover “For the Love of Ivy” is so grossly seductive, that it could easily be used in a violent Tarantino montage. Campbell’s’ variety is complimented by holding true to the rock and roll grunge. “I want to be heavily entrenched in the spirit of the blues, without involving myself in dried up cliché forms,” Campbell says. “Making a record is an exercise in purging, so here it is.”

As for where they harmonize within Vancouver’s music scene, Campbell seems to think that is questionable. “I have no idea. Possibly nowhere.” Hunting for guidance in grotesquely imaginative books and exes, it is commendable to be so unique, and not know where your band will fit. The recording of Kill Your Love went as well as Campbell and his Dirt could have hoped. “Everything has its place, there’s nothing superfluous here,” he says. “I’m proud I listened to my instincts and nothing else, no one else, and made what I think is a rewarding rock ‘n’ roll record.”

Kill Your Blues is available now.

By Kristie Sparksman