Tuesday 03rd, December 2013 / 21:09


Sometimes the best things happen when you least expect them to. For Amber Webber (vocals, guitar) and Joshua Wells (piano/keyboards), Lightning Dust was born after the duo decided to record some songs that didn’t quite work for their other band, Black Mountain. They packaged it as an EP and sent it off to their label, Jagjaguwar, as a gift with no real expectations as to what would happen next.

That small at-home project has since turned into three albums, successful national and international tours, and a whole lot of positive recognition. The duo recently returned from a month-long tour in Europe; an experience they said “suits their vibe” really well.

“They have little mini-theatres, which is great for us to play at,” says Webber. “We get to keep it sparse. The really mellow moments don’t get lost.”

“It’s hard to get used to at first though,” adds Wells. “Especially when you’ve been touring around Canada and the States; you get used to a certain level of jostling and drunkenness.”

Fantasies, the group’s third and most recent record has more of a pop influence than previous ventures; a reflection, as Webber said, of the band’s influences at that time.

“That was the whole point of Lightning Dust,” she adds. “If we can get out of our comfort zone, do something different and change it up every album if we felt like it.

As veterans of Vancouver’s music scene, they feel the city has embraced them as musicians; an encouraging gesture as they continue to experiment with their sound with each new album. That dynamic is an important aspect in what Wells describes as their band credo: “Every time we do a new album we’re going to try and approach it differently; almost like a new band. [We feel] the common thread in how we write songs will sustain the band identity, rather than how we sound.”

Fantasies is available now.

By Brnesh Berhe