Sunday 08th, December 2013 / 21:44



Canadian psychobilly starlets Creepshow have just released their fourth full-length record.

Although the band has been through some turmoil throughout the years with lineup changes and personal hardships, Life After Death proves that none of these burdens can slow them down; this is a perfect resurrection of the Creepshow.

This album is the debut for their new lead singer and guitarist Kenda Legaspi and drummer Sandro Sanchioni. Legaspi proved herself worthy of Creepshow with her hypnotizing, raspy voice and killer guitar skills – a perfect match for the band’s horror style and hellbilly sound. Also, she is a very fitting replacement for their last leading lady.

For fans of the band, this is what a Creepshow record should be – horror, miscellaneous killings and unconventional love, scattered about with heavy guitars and upbeat lyrics. Life After Death pretty much takes off where previous album, They All Fall Down, left off. If you’re a virgin Creepshow listener, what the hell have you been waiting for? With titles like “See You in Hell” and “Devil’s Son,” what’s not to like? Their songs vary from jaunty cocktail ballads to heavier macabre-style melodies and all the horror in between. You’ll find yourself easily falling in love with this record and even deeper in love with Creepshow.

Any fan of horror-punk and psychobilly shouldn’t be caught dead without this album.

By Sarah Mac