Sunday 08th, December 2013 / 21:42



This seems to be the recurring story with David Francey – write some songs, record an album and wait for the awards and critical acclaim to start rolling in. And yes, it has happened again with So Say We All. The Canadian Folk Community recently named Francey English Songwriter of the Year for his work on this recording. His peers and other music industry people who are devoted to the genre think this is as good as it gets, at least for this year. I’m inclined to agree with them.

Francey has always been a strong songwriter: all of his lyrics are very evocative and poetic. He focuses on his strengths, again revisiting the traditional folk themes of love and longing, hope, despair, the plight of the working man and death. Where So Say We All stands out from all of his previous work is in its musical arrangements. This recording is more interesting because the musicians he is working with this time around take the songs out of the realm of guitar, bass and vocals. Complex and enticing sounds, and maybe unexpected ones, are added. The result is his most enjoyable recording to date.

By Bruce Pollock