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Calgary’s own Pygmies stand boldly outside of time, genre and influence. A plurality of voices, musical styles and eras inform the band’s most recent release, Inside Your Mind, an album that channels a number of spirits. Inside Your Mind meditates upon the vocal fury of a young and hungry Elvis Costello, but with Kenna Burima’s masterful tickling of the ivories, the Pygmies also tip their beer drenched hats to The Doors’ recently departed founding member Ray Manzarek. There is something for everyone on The Pygmies’ sophomore release – it is their strongest offering to date.

Fittingly, Inside Your Mind was recorded underground in bassist Ryan Lottermoser’s home studio. And yet the album sounds so good, so clear and deliberate that it is obvious that the band took their time recording it. The vocal interplay between lead singer/guitarist Jim Blood and drummer/backup vocalist Brendan Tincher is especially captivating. The two have been bandmates for many years and friends for many more – their strong connection is obvious even with a passive listen to tracks such as “Hold Tight” and “I Can’t Get Out.”

Inside Your Mind at once harnesses the raw energy of the Pygmies’ live show and the band’s intelligent, keen collective ear. This is an album that needs to be heard live, as good as it is on tape and vinyl. While local fans in Calgary and even Edmonton are regularly spoiled with the Pygmies’ sonic breed of garage rock, we wait with bated breath for the band to be recognized across our frozen country and reward listeners with a tour de force.

By Nick Lyons

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